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Why Nui-Houses?

Affordability: Tiny houses are not only more affordable, compared to a normal single family house, but it also enables you to have greater savings in the long run! With the size of a tiny house, one spends less time, energy and resources to maintain the house, thereby reducing overall costs.

Efficiency: General household chores such as cleaning & tidying are greatly reduced, & the living space is decluttered with only the essentials, allowing you to free up your time for other preferred activities or tasks.

Less Is More: Living in a smaller space enables you to declutter and live with only the household appliances & furniture you need - greatly enabling a more Zen and minimalist lifestyle, with more time & resources for other preferred aspects of life.

Sustainability: It is increasingly important for consumers to take a more sustainable buying approach to; reduce consumption, reuse, & lessen the adverse impacts of overconsumption on our community & environment. By and large, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the future of the world we live in.


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